My creative practice involves found media, found objects, sculpture, animation, text, sound, electronics, and robotics as a means to explore the relationships between objects and sounds. I produce works on paper, kinetic sculptures, animated videos, and music producing robotic instruments for gallery installations and performances.

I utilize experimental forms of media to help propel themes relating to the “mysterious” or the “unknowable”. I am fascinated by the limitations of knowledge regarding subjects like infinity, life after death, black holes, or quantum theory to name a few. I am interested in how the term “unknowing” might be reflected in a metaphor or if it could be contained within an object onto itself. I look for sublime humor pointing to philosophical and religious problems which I employ throughout my practice.

I consider my work to be “inductive” in the way that it electrically induces movement and sound within itself and as it attempts to hypnotize the spectator, actively changing their psychology through new ritualistic processes. Unlike toys or interactive artworks that mirror or reward the behavior of the audience, my devices are intended to propel their own agendas, transmitting their idiosyncratic narratives with their own synthetic voices.