The Bangbox is a transformable portable musical instrument. Think of it as an acoustic breadboard. Its simple design makes use of a soundboard and a contact mic. The contact mic is mounted under the bridge sandwiched tightly against the soundboard. The bridge has precut holes that allow you to easily mount strings, tines, springs, etc.

It is designed to allow easy experimentation for ideophone and chordophone design tests. It is a platform for experimental musicians and sound artist to easily create custom instruments for their performances and recordings. It can also be used as a spring reverb if you drive it with a transducer or a speaker. Add a neck and make yourself a box fiddle. Play it with a bow, an eBow, or a motor. There are no rules.



Multi-bit Screwdriver (use without bits as a zither pin wrench)


Wire cutter

Needle Nose Pliers

Wood Glue

Super Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Weights, Bricks, and/or clamps

Musical Instrument Strings (Nylon, Steel, Bronze, Etc)

Spring Steel Wire

Spring Steel Tines

Sand Paper


Scrap Metal

Popsicle or Coffe Stir Sticks

Paint Stir Stick




Finger Picks

Instrument Bow with Rosin Mini

Battery Fan or Coffee Foam Mixer

Motors with Tie wraps


Electromagnets or Ebow

Speakers or Transducers



Making and Attaching Tines

Contact Microphones, Soundboards, and Spring Reverbs

Laser Cutter Files