Matt Steinke is a multimedia artist currently living in Austin, TX. His work explores the inner voices of objects through the intersection of sculpture, sound, text, video, and robotics. Based on assumptions and unknowns relating to subconscious identity, he develops fictional entities from found media, found objects, and fabricated materials. 

Although he employs technology, he does not promote interactivity in the conventional sense. Instead, the user-initiated dynamic is reversed, so that the work becomes inductive. It is intended to act upon and change the spectator, to contribute to their own process of becoming.

Over the past two decades, Steinke’s installations and performances have been presented in museums, galleries, and festivals across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He holds an MFA in Art and Technology Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon graduation, he received The Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for Interdisciplinary/Computer Art. He was a juror’s finalist and Seed Grant recipient for ArtPrize 2016 and a 2015 New Music USA Project Grant recipient. He received an award at the 2018 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition for his “Stepper Rattle” instrument. He was a founding member of post-punk-noise ensembles including Mocket, Satisfact, and Octant, writing and recording over ten albums for Kill Rockstars, K Records, and Up records. His work has been featured in Wired, Artweek LA, The Village Voice, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and on the cover of Tape Op.

Alongside his practice, Steinke teaches classes and workshops in creative coding, robotic art, musical instrument design, experimental animation, video installation, sound installation, sound design, interactive design, and electronics.

Selected Press/Reviews

Sitelines: Reverse Plane of Cloudy
The Austin Chronicle Arts: Deliriums
2018 M. Guthman Instrument Competition
The Civilians: Noplace
Hackaday: The Tine Organ
Theremin World: Octant

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