Matt Steinke is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Rhode Island. His practice explores the real-time interactions between visible and invisible spaces manifested through new experiments combining sculpture, sound, performance, music, code, text, video, and robotics.

His immersive installations employ autonomous sound-producing mechanisms that generate a range of methodical and chaotic performances via custom programming and electronics. Constructed from found materials, clay, paint, wood, and metal, Steinke’s hybrid sculptures generate kinetic movement and physical sound. They function as self-contained engagement systems that guide spectators through meditations on consumerism, morality, transcendence, ecology, and health. Prompted by found technology, code, media, and text, each work is based on an identity or a location– an individuated articulation about a possible future.

Over the past two decades, Steinke’s work has been presented in museums, galleries, festivals, and DIY venues across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He holds an MFA in Art and Technology Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon graduation in 2004, he received The Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for Interdisciplinary/Computer Art. He was a juror’s finalist and Seed Grant recipient for ArtPrize 2016 and a 2015 New Music USA Project Grant recipient. He received an award at the 2018 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition for his “Stepper Rattle” instrument. He was a founding member of 1990s post-rock-noise bands including Mocket, Satisfact, and Octant, writing and recording over ten albums for Kill Rockstars, K, and Up records while collaborating with recording artists The Need, Miranda July, and Joe Preston among others.

He recently worked with the Portuguese sound art collective, Sonoscopia, to develop ”Artificialia”, a large-scale multimedia installation at the Teatro Municipal do Porto, and presented his solo installation, “Hazardous Phenotypes”, at the Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto. One of his latest sound sculptures, “Earplugs”, was recently exhibited at the Contemporary Austin Jones Center and at Northern-Southern Gallery.

His work has been featured in Artweek LA, The Village Voice, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Wired, and on the cover of Tape Op.

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